See what authors say about working with Jess.

Jess Beebe knows her stuff. She’s smart, focused, honest, reliable, and talented. Her instincts are right on the mark.
— Scott Edelstein, writing coach and consultant, and author of 100 Things Every Writer Needs to Know

Jess expertly guided us through understanding the type of editing needed for our book, and then through each phase of the process until we had a beautiful, complete product. Authors would be hard pressed to find a more organized editor with such a high level of experience and expertise – and also one with an understanding of our topic who wasn’t afraid to challenge our thinking. Jess is the editor who helps authors make sense of what they want to do and illuminates the path to get there.
— Megan Hunter and Bill Eddy, authors of Dating Radar
Jess Beebe is an amazing and talented developmental editor. Her thoughtful and intelligent feedback brought clarity to what I hoped to say, amplified my messages, and helped me uncover and feel good about my writing voice. Her advice about how to organize the manuscript saved me from giving up! She helped me see where I needed to make changes without ever feeling criticized, she made me feel deeply understood and empowered, and, instead of just giving me answers, she guided me toward finding my own.
— Suzannah Neufeld, author of Awake at 3 AM

Jess has been crucial to my success in writing the Methods Manual for Coaching. Without her patient encouragement, careful listening, and gentle guidance, I might have given up. She has been a staunch ally and an insightful guide. I’m grateful for her ever-present capacity to see and seriously consider my point of view, and her ability to give way or hold her ground based on her own wisdom.
— Dorcas McDonald, executive director of Learning for Living
Jess was wonderful to work with. Thanks to her long-term experience, her strong relationships with publishing houses, and her skill in putting together a comprehensive proposal, I was able to secure a contract with a leading publisher for my first book. I am grateful for her support every step of the way.
— Ann Saffi Biasetti, author of Befriending Your Body

Jess helped us craft a book proposal that not only was accepted but also prompted the publisher to thank us for ‘an outstanding proposal’ with ‘show-stopping thoroughness and organization.’
— Nya Van Leuvan, coauthor of Designing for Environmental Action: A Practitioner’s Guide

I wanted a thought partner who would help me with focus and flow. Jess offered that and so much more. Yes, her edits are thorough and insightful – and her creativity and care helped me enhance the book’s platform, message, and meaning. She is my editorial angel on earth.
— Frieda Edgette, author of Reset